Credit Cards For Small Business Owners

Being a small business owner isn’t easy, there’s plenty to deal with from inventory to payroll, and most likely you’re the only one handling all of the major responsibilities. Knowing how to stretch a dollar is another crucial part of being a small business owner.

Credit Cards For Small Business – From where to buy your products for bigger profit margins to hiring talented employees for lower salaries and even using the best credit cards for small business, can make or break your company. Always here to help, your Miami Beach bookkeeping company has researched various financial websites to find the best credit cards for small business owners so you can reap the various benefits. Our bookkeeper has highlighted some of the pros and cons for each one, but overall these credit cards are the best for operating smaller companies.

Capital One Spark Cash For Business Credit Card:

Credit Cards For Small BusinessThis is a flat-rate rewards credit card that offers unlimited 2% cash back which is great or small business owners that like to purchase everything with one credit card. That’s money that can go back into your small business. This Capital One card has no foreign transaction fees, and has a sign-up cash bonus of $500 (if you spend $4,500 on purchases within 3 months).

But you’ll need a good to excellent credit score, so above 690 to qualify for it. The con to the Capital One Spark for Business Credit Card however, is that you’ll only break even on the annual fee if you purchase over $2,950 per year. There’s no annual fee for the first year, but it’ll cost you $59 every year after that. So if you’re looking to spend less, a better card for you would be one with no annual fee, the APR is 17.99% variable.

The Business Platinum Credit Card From American Express:

AMEX Business Credit CardIf you travel a lot to run your small business, this American Express credit card is for you thanks its amazing travel perks. This card allows you to have access to over 1,000 exclusive clubs around the world such as Delta Sky Clubs, Airspace Lounges and more.


Think free meals, resting place, even showers, plus $200 credit for airline fees like checked baggage. The membership rewards are as impressive, with 75,000 points when you first get an account, to 50,000 after spending your $10,000. However, the downside to small business credit card is that there’s a $450 annual fee which is tax-deductible.

Chase Ink Business Cash Credit Card:

ink cash credit cardAnother credit card that joins the best credit card for small business owners category is the Ink Business Cash Credit Card from Chase because it has 0% APR for 12 months. This credit card can be extremely valuable to small business owners who need to make big purchases such as equipment or inventory.


After that first year, APR is between about 14% to 20$. Unlike the Capital One credit card, Chase’s card has no annual fee. It also pays 5% cash back on up to $25,000 spent yearly on office supplies and TV/internet services combines. This tiered rewards card also give 2% cash back spent on gas stations and restaurants.

Bank of America Business Advantage Cash Rewards MasterCard:

bankofamerica business credit cardOne of the best small business credit cards is from Bank of America because it allows business owners to earn 3% on purchases at gas stations an office supplies stores. What’s more is that it boasts 0% APR for 9 billing cycles after opening account. Bank of America also offers fraud monitoring and zero liability protection from misuse.


When you operate your own small business, your Miami Beach bookkeeping company suggests you separate your personal expenses and your business expenses. So applying for one of the credit cards mentioned above can help you manage all of your purchases and enjoy the rewards points as well as other benefits. Make sure you read all terms and conditions as well as evaluate the pros and cons of each one. What works for one small business owner may not work for another. Be cautious, verify APR and stay vigilant about your expenses.

If you need help with other areas of your small business, please contact your Miami Beach bookkeeping company for payroll, accounts receivable, reconciliation, annual financial reports and more. We’re here to help you understand your business financial health and get a better understanding of how to grow it.