How Do Remote Bookkeeping Services Work?

remote bookkeeping servicesJust like the countless industries that have gone virtual, bookkeeping solutions have too. From healthcare services to marketing consulting and even customer service, so many businesses are now offered from the comforts of home or a small, private office. Remote bookkeeping services are now also offered from a distance, with many companies as well as one-person show. But how do remote bookkeeping services work?

Research Your Remote Bookkeeping Solutions Firm

First, make sure you’re working with a credible, reputable, bookkeeping solutions firm such as Your Bookkeeping Department in Miami Beach, Florida. Sine you’ll be sharing confidential documents, statements and your company’s financial situation, you want to make sure you’ve done your research due diligence. Next you’ll grant your remote bookkeeper access to your finances.

Granting Remote Access to Your Bookkeeper

Remote Access to Your BookkeeperDepending on the type of work your remote bookkeeper will do for you, there’s a variety of documents that they may need. For example, if you’re using a third-party payroll provider, your remote bookkeeper will need those reports. Tax documents from the previous year may be needed, so your bookkeeper can verify balances. Receipts and bill payments can also be transferred over to your remote bookkeeper, because they can ensure those are paid on time, while you focus more on the operational side of your business.

When it comes to credit card and bank statements, most national and regional banks have the option to allow someone else to access your account. So your remote bookkeeper can pull monthly statements and view check images, but doesn’t have access to the funds. By giving them access, they won’t have to interrupt you if they need a document from your bank.

Remote Bookkeeping Solutions Are Secure

A bookkeeping solutions company securely connects to your computer via the internet. They can either access your documents or have you scan and upload them to a secure server. Your Bookkeeping Department also accepts faxes for those who rather not do it online. Then the work begins.

Communication Is Key

communicate with your remote bookkeeperIt’s important to communicate with your remote bookkeeper, especially in the beginning when everything is being set up. Then a lot of it will be on autopilot. Your bookkeeping solution firm will know your preferences, know what expenses fall under what accounts, understand how you like to read reports and so on. Expect questions and a tad of back and forth early on in the process, but all of the benefits of remote bookkeeping services sure make up for it.

Good communication also means you have to determine the best way for you to, well, communicate. Do you prefer a phone call at a specific time every week/ Do you prefer email? Video conferences? Some people rather have a combination of two ways to communicate. For example, a quick text update mid-week and a phone call every two weeks. Find out what works best for you and your financial situation.

Expect your bookkeeping costs to be significantly reduced. For example, Your Bookkeeping Department in Miami Beach, Florida charges as low as $115 per week for full-service remote bookkeeping. You’ll also be able to have a lot more free time to focus on your business strategy, grow your revenue and be more productive since you won’t be bogged down by paperwork and numbers. Contact YBKD Remote Bookkeeping Services at 305.868.7620.

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