miami bookkeepersMiami Bookkeepers On Working With Your Spouse – For many couples, business and personal blends because they chose to run a company together. You can see couples entrepreneur-ing together in various fields, from bookkeeping firms to marketing boutiques to retail stores, photography studios and beyond. And mixing business and pleasure isn’t just for couples who run the same business, since many employees these days work from home. In fact, your Miami bookkeepers found out that in 2017, 3.7 million employees (2.8% of the population) work from home at least half of the time. In the past five years, employers offering telecommuting options to their employees have increased by 40%.

This specific way of doing business offers flexibility and much-needed support when working with your spouse, but it also comes with its own issues. Couples can experience extra tension on their relationship, as the line between professional and spouse is crossed. They’re spending more time together, slowly switching the more of their personal conversations with shop talk. Your Miami bookkeepers know this can even have an impact on other family members such as children and teenagers. So how can you work with your spouse and still have a healthy romantic relationship.

Miami Bookkeepers on Boundaries

working with your spouseBoundaries are important in any situation, but are even more crucial when working with your spouse. The marriage, typically, takes place before running a business together. Figure out together a set of rules you can comfortably follow that allows room for both the business and marriage to prosper. For some that means talking shop only at work, rather than at home too.

The dinner table is off limits. For those with home offices, that may mean to set up hours in which working takes place. If you have employees, you may want to individually share shifts with others rather than work at the same time. Boundaries can also mean that the lunch hour isn’t shared, or that it is but for more personal conversation. At the end of the day, your Miami bookkeepers suggest you set up rules that work for you.

Clearly Define Roles

When couples work together, their roles many times aren’t defined. In fact, sometimes working with your spouse means double efforts in one area of the business and not the others. In order to maximize profits, as well as not step on each other’s toes, your Miami bookkeepers suggest your clearly define who’s responsible for what. To make sure you’re individually happy with your responsibilities, make sure they match with your skills and passions. If one of you is a people person, then maybe they should be in charge of customer service.

Don’t try to micro-manage each other, or take over each other’s tasks. To ensure the balance is maintained, establish a check-in meeting where you can discuss any issues that arise. You may want to switch responsibilities or take on new efforts like business development for example.

Respect and Compromise

work from homeJust like with any relationship, working together also means compromising. You already know that you make good partners, that’s why you got married. Compromise is a big part of making it work in both business and pleasure. You won’t always agree, but you know that you have the same vision which is why you make a great team. Multiple problems will arise as your business grows, and you’ll probably have different ways to solve them. In order to move forward, make sure there’s a lot of give and take. Respect each other, allow yourselves to listen to each other and agree to disagree sometimes.

In a nutshell, nurture both the business and the marriage. Working together can do wonders!