Why Use An Outside Bookkeeping Service

Outside Bookkeeping Service There are a lot of reasons to use an outside bookkeeping service and I’ll tell you one reason thru personal experience. My husband is an artist and, when I first met him, totally clueless about most things financial. He had a design studio and his office manager/assistant did the bookkeeping. I worked

Benefits of Bookkeeping

I would like to discuss a few benefits of bookkeeping in this post. Benefits of Bookkeeping Bookkeeping is the only way to keep track of the success or failure of your business. Without accurate bookkeeping you wouldn’t be able to know if your advertising and marketing programs were getting results that made the investment worthwhile. You

What exactly is Bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping, part of the process of accounting used in business, it is simply the recording of financial transactions. These transactions include purchases, sales, payments and receipts made by individuals, organizations or corporations. Any recording of a financial transaction could be considered bookkeeping although there are several standard methods of bookkeeping. The most widely used, and

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