Remote Bookkeepers – Free Government Money

remote bookkeepersIt’s time to challenge the old adage that nothing in life is for free.

There’s actually free moolah out there, and our remote bookkeepers are here to show you how to get your hands on some of that dough. Turns out you can get help from state and federal government programs to pay for expenses such as daycare and even a new home.

Did you know you can get help paying for your utilities? That’s right, our remote bookkeepers found out low-income households can get assistance to cover heating and cooling costs. Funding is given through the Department of Health and Human Services and then it’s distributed to various states. Your cell phone bill as well as landline services are also eligible though The Lifeline program. Eligible customers, including Medicaid patients, can get at least $9.25 toward their monthly bill.

free government moneyRent these days is astronomical in many cities across America, especially where there’s a housing shortage like in New York and San Francisco. A one bedroom apartment in San Jose, California goes, on average, for $2,091. In San Francisco, the same goes for $2,459. Since cost keeps going up, many people rather buy a house since mortgage payments are just slightly higher. But sometimes the down-payment is hard to come by. Thankfully, there are state-based down-payment assistance programs to help with the upfront costs. In Florida, there are six programs across various communities. There’s the Broward County Homebuyer Purchase Assistance Program, the Palm Bay HOME Down Payment Assistance Program and more. Find out all about the various grants in every state through the FHA website.

Day care is very expensive in most states, in fact the long-term cost is a factor for many people thinking about becoming parents. For example, according to the Boston Globe, in 2012 the average cost for a 4 year old was $6,571 a year. In Connecticut, it was over $10,000. In Massachusetts, a little over $12,000. Our remote bookkeepers found out that the Child Care and Development Fund can help low-income households with free money from the government. Money is given to individual states, that in turn distribute grants typically to families with children under the age of 13.

College grants are can also be claimed as government free money.

College grants Free Government money While some opt to apply for loans, the Pell Grant makes things easier for students. For the 2018-2019 award year, students could have gotten up to $6,095 by applying for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The amount per student depends on cost of tuition, financial need and enrollment status. Our remote bookkeepers know there’s a variety of scholarships available to college students, it’s a matter of qualifying for specific ones. You can get a scholarship based on race and ethnicity, religion, location, civic involvement and even hobbies and interest.

Unclaimed money is also in a way free government money.

Everything from a forgotten deposit to unclaimed insurance benefits are funds turned over to the state when owners can’t be found. Even uncashed paychecks count as unclaimed money. Through, people can verify whether they have money that’s owed to them. Our remote bookkeepers found out Florida had over $313 million worth of unclaimed money in 2017.

Free money from the government through state and federal programs are definitely worth the research. Savings can help you reach your goals and dreams come true. From going to school so you can get into a more lucrative career to owning a home instead of paying rent and more. Take the time to browse online, read articles about qualifying for specific grants and find out all about the programs out there.