Talk Accounting With Manal OliverTalk Accounting – As a professional accountant and virtual bookkeeper for countless clients, the one thing I’ve noticed that’s common to everyone is that no one enjoys the paperwork as much as I do. For all types of people in the workforce, bookkeeping is a hassle. No one wants to track, record and organize their financials. I, on the other hand, truly enjoy all accounting activities, and thrive in uncovering what the data reveals.

The Power of Bookkeeping

For many clients, virtual bookkeeping helps them make sense of their business. They can become more profitable, reduce expenses, even find new sources of income—all thanks to the numbers. But, alas, as a professional bookkeeper, my main job is to keep my clients happy. To continuously do that, Manal Oliver is always on the lookout for new products and services that makes bookkeeping more convenient for them. In fact, I even offer Quickbooks training from time to time, to help business clients make the best of the accounting software.

Who Can Use TALK

TALK accountingRecently, I discovered an app that makes bookkeeping simple, especially for 1099 clients. TALK ledger offers a hassle-free phone-to-spreadsheet bookkeeping and expense system. It’s perfect for those working as for-hire contractors across all types of industries. TALK plays well with people in the creative fields such as freelance writers, graphic designers, photographers, video editors and the like.

The bookkeeping also works well with independent contractors in real estate, law, alternative medicine, acting, modeling, private investigation and so many more.

How Does TALK Work

How Does TALK WorkLet’s face it, 1099 clients have a lot going on because they run their operations alone. Most of the time, they’re sole proprietor of their business, doing all of the work from finding vendors and sales opportunities to buying materials, setting up meetings, and of course the actual work. The last thing my 1099 clients want to do is spreadsheets. With TALK, my clients just have to take a picture of their receipt or mail document, TALK to their phone with a simple directive, such as Graphic Design Business Card Job December Income and let the app interpret the intent. The details will be automatically designated to a spreadsheet to be used later for tax time. The “magic” behind TALK is its artificial intelligence.

Benefits of TALK Accounting

Besides being so convenient for my clients, TALK accounting can also mean a greater return during tax time. The average tax payer loses up to $3,000 a year because of poor deductions due to even poorer tracking. People lose receipts, invoices and other types of documents that can translate to big savings during tax season.

With TALK accounting, recording everything from medical expenses to income to even mortgage payments is easy as snapping a picture. TALK allows my clients to track their expenses and manage payables in a seamless way.

If you want to get started on working with TALK accounting to simplify your bookkeeping, call me, Manal Oliver, at 305.868.7620.