How Virtual Bookkeeping WorksHow Virtual Bookkeeping Works

Remote work, telecommuting, however you call taking on virtual work, the practice has been around for quite some time now, becoming more popular as the years go by.

Today, working remotely isn’t limited to a particular industry, instead it spans a wide variety of fields from freelance writing to home healthcare and even virtual bookkeeping with companies such as Your Miami Beach Bookkeeping Department. The staff is made up of bookkeepers, accountants and founder Manal Oliver who’s provided business bookkeeping and accounting services for over three decades.  She explains how virtual bookkeeping works so you save money and time when it comes to your accounting.

For the past several years, the Miami Beach bookkeeper works out of her office, serving clients such as lawyers, dentists and doctors, who aren’t local. Some are just 20 miles away, but never have to physically come into her accounting firm, while others are in completely different states. Virtual bookkeeping has allowed many of her clients to continue the relationship, even after they’ve moved.

In business accounting and bookkeeping, the relationship developed between bookkeeping professional and business owner is even more crucial than with other professional relationships, since all the information divulged in extremely private and confidential. Essentially, your bookkeeper knows all of your financial information, so most people stay with their bookkeeper throughout the life of their business.

According to Your Bookkeeping Department, virtual bookkeeping is very cost-effective, not only in funds, but also in time.

Business owners are very busy, with plenty of meetings and operational day-to-day tasks. Some of them also travel a lot, have speaking engagements and even more responsibilities, depending on how large their corporation. Virtual bookkeeping saves them that back and forth, even allows them to have some of their own staff help out with scanning and emailing financial documents. Today, technology is making things a lot easier. With programs like Skype or Google Hangouts, bookkeepers can even converse in real-time with clients. Even sharing documents is a piece of cake with the internet.

From Google Drive to Dropbox and Evernote, it’s simple and convenient. And since business accounting and bookkeeping can require plenty of signatures, programs like Adobe Echosign and many more can help.

Virtual MeetingsSo how does virtual bookkeeping actually work?

How does virtual bookkeeping work: For Your Bookkeeping Department, the process is pretty easy. One thing to highlight is the importance of data security for Manal Oliver. She has taken plenty of measures to ensure confidential information and details about clients’ business are transferred securely. Your Bookkeeping Department can remotely access your computer via the internet to securely connect and do the bookkeeping work.Remote Bookkeeping

  • A Client scans their financial documents and upload them to the Miami Beach bookkeeping firm’s secure server.
  • Then, Your Bookkeeping Department connects to the application service provider also known as ASP. That app hosts client’s Quickbooks, or Your Bookkeeping Department ,uses their own remote desktop service called LogMeIn.
  • Next, client’s books are updated and ready for their viewing. There’s even technical support with unlimited telephone consultation. Virtual bookkeeping can be pretty convenient!

When choosing to work with a virtual bookkeeper it’s important to keep the online meetings, ensure continuous communication, status check-ins, and open communication.
When both parties know all about the financial health of the company, it makes things a lot easier. With the ease of cloud-based applications, most if not all of a businesses bookkeeping can be done remotely, from simple data entry to daily transactions processing such as invoicing, expense reports and payments. Even financial reports processing such as balance sheets and cash flow statements can be done virtually.

Remote Access To ComputerVirtual bookkeeping is a great way to get assistance and make life just that much easier. Outsourcing your bookkeeping responsibilities means you don’t have to do it yourself, freeing up your time to take care of your business and maximizing profits. With virtual bookkeeping, you’ll also save money since you’re not hiring someone who’s on your payroll, for 40 hours a week, completely devoting their time to you.

How virtual bookkeeping works and why expertise matters

When hiring Your Bookkeeping Department in Miami Beach, accountant Manal Oliver will go over how virtual bookkeeping works so you know what to expect. Together, you’ll identify the best technologies that work for you as well as a process that best fits your needs. From who to talk to on your team to best times to reach you if needed and so on.

The point of virtual bookkeeping is to truly make it easy for clients, saving them the hassles whatever they might be.