Focus on growing your Business while we take care of your books.

Gain full-time back office support, eliminate bookkeeping errors, free up office space and more.

Remote Billing and Virtual Bookkeeper Services

For over 20 years, Miami Beach and Miami law firms have come to Your Bookkeeping Department for effective solutions to billing and bookkeeping demands. Our clients get streamlined solutions to address the complex billing demands of increasingly sophisticated law firm clients, as well as enhanced efficiency and economies to back-office operations.

Custom Designed Solutions from Miami-Based Virtual Bookkeepers

Our virtual bookkeeper services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each of our law firm clients. We are unique in our understanding of the nature of a law practice today and provide full support 24/7.

Virtual Bookkeeper Services provided in Miami Beach, South Florida and Beyond.

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Bookkeeper Services.
We take care of all your essential back-office needs by providing complete bookkeeping services designed to free your time so you can focus on your core business. We take the stress and complexity out of payroll processing, partner with your business to make your tax filing simple, and more.

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Day or night we are never more than an e-mail or phone call away. Indeed, we are available whenever deadlines need to be met. No overtime charges either.

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Because we are off-site, we are removed from office politics and you can share sensitive information with us without fear that it will be shared.

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Your firm will enjoy substantial benefits through increased performance, efficiency and availability. Our fees will almost always cost the practice less than traditional employee-based solutions when payroll taxes, paid vacations, sick time, overtime, health benefits, overhead costs and, most importantly - your time - are factored into the equation.

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Increased Office Space.
We are off-site, eliminating the need for a desk and other amenities. Space typically reserved for a bookkeeper is freed up for the practice of law.

Typically, we increase profitability 10% to 20%.
See how easy it can be.

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