Patients, not paperwork. A workable solution for doctors seeking to increase profitability.

Doctors, Dentists, other Medical Practitioners and their Office Managers - they have a lot to handle. Why should they spend their valuable time on bookkeeping when the job can easily be done by the experienced, remote bookkeepers at our company, Your Bookkeeping Department.

Custom Designed Bookkeeping Solutions from Miami-based Remote Bookkeepers

Our remote bookkeeper services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each of our medical clients. We are unique in our understanding of the nature of a medical practice today and provide full support 24/7. Our staff is skilled in all aspects of bookkeeping, billing and related functions. Everything will be done properly, professionally and on-time.

Your Bookkeeping Department will:

1) Get you paid in a timely manner.
2) Ensure insurance companies are dealt with promptly and cost-efficiently.
3) Collect deductibles at the beginning of each year.
4) Help you prepare for a smart and lucrative retirement tomorrow.
5) Give your staff the time it needs to focus on income-generating patient activities.

Our remote bookkeepers have extensive experience with Medical Practitioners of all kinds and have demonstrated repeatedly that they can increase revenue and decrease expenses.

Remote Bookkeeper Services provided in Miami Beach, South Florida and Beyond.

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Bookkeeper Services.
Our remote bookkeepers take care of all your essential back-office needs by providing complete bookkeeping services designed to free your time so you can focus on your core business. We take the stress and complexity out of payroll processing, partner with your business to make your tax filing simple, and more.

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Day or night we are never more than an e-mail or phone call away. Indeed, we are available whenever deadlines need to be met. No overtime charges either.

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Because we are off-site, we are removed from office politics and you can share sensitive information with us without fear that it will be shared.

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Your business will enjoy substantial benefits through increased performance, efficiency and availability; our fees will probably cost the firm less than traditional employee based solutions when payroll taxes, paid vacations, sick time, overtime, health benefits, overhead costs and, most importantly - your time, are factored into the equation.

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Increased Office Space.
Our remote bookkeepers are off-site, eliminating the need for a desk and other amenities. Space typically reserved for a bookkeeper is freed up for the practice of medicine.

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Cost Reduction.
Time is money for medical offices. Less time spent by a firm on billing and bookkeeping means more free time, which can be used for billable activities.

We have extensive experience with Medical Practitioners of all kinds and have demonstrated repeatedly that we can increase revenue and decrease expenses.